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Enterprises of the telecommunication industry traditionally have one of the most complex IT architectures characterized by the presence of a large number of outdated information systems and technical solutions, a complete and one-time cancellation of which is impossible. At the same time technological backlog negatively affects the quality of services provided, which along with marketing errors can lead to outflow of subscribers and decrease in their loyalty.
The Unidata data management platform eliminates the main problems involved in master data management at enterprises in the telecommunications industry and builds a reliable base for the development of the IT infrastructure, thus reducing the labor costs required for organizing information interactions.
Solution features
Unified catalog
Creating a unified catalog containing consolidated information about all the subscribers, in order to form individual, corporate and mixed tariff plans for convergent services.
Analytical reports
Providing the ability of preparing analytical reports on the thematic section of information at an arbitrary time interval.
Single integration center
Creation of a single integration center both for new information systems planned for implementation at the enterprise (for example, ERP, CRM, SRM, etc.), and for existing ones in order to reduce labor costs for organizing information interaction between them.
Data management
The consolidation of customer data, information about the potential of the client base, the allocation of prospective clusters in the client base for sales of additional services, and a reduction in the launch time for new products.
Automation of the process of receiving and updating data from directories created and regulated by government agencies.
All segments support
Creation of a single client catalog containing consolidated information about all users regardless of the segment of their membership (B2B, B2C, B2G), for the purpose of forming individual tariff plans for convergent services.
Unidata Platform
The platform allows you to extend the functionality of the existing database and build complex systems.

Platform advantages

  • Data management based on a company’s internal regulations
  • Finding and merging duplicates
  • Enrichment and consolidation
  • Quality control and validation
  • Centralized data management
  • Data analysis and statistics
  • Seamless integration with third-party information systems
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