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Introducing Unidata Community Edition (CE)
5 December 2019

Introducing Unidata Community Edition (CE)

Unidata is pleased to announce the publication of the core of its data management platform under an open license. This decision is part of the company's strategy and mission to form a community of experts in the field of data management and is aimed at developing the industry as a whole.

The core of the platform is designed to create information systems that are based on the concept of master data and require taking into account the specifics of certain industries. The kernel supports the ideology of loosely coupled “modules”, which minimizes the influence of the specifics of specific conditions on the entire system.

At the moment, the source codes of the modules are laid out: - management of records and relationships between them, - metamodel management - Infrastructure modules for managing data processing rules - system modules and services. In the future, the company plans to expand the list of modules available under an open license.
In addition to laying out the source code Unidata also began to form the Community , because only a powerful pool of data management specialists from around the world will bring truly effective results. We invite everyone to join the Community