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Unidata conducted partner training for Sigma
16 August 2018

Unidata conducted partner training for Sigma

In August Unidata provided the training for the expert team of Sigma company, a Russian developer and supplier of IT solutions for automating the activities of energy companies and utilities. During the implementation of “Main Features of Unidata Management Platform” training program our colleagues learnt about the basic functionality of the solution and also analyzed the technological features of its new release.

As before, the training was provided within the framework of the Unidata partnership policy, in the implementation of which we pay special attention to increasing the involvement of our partners in the development of the technological and functional capabilities of our solution. Especially important is creating of a serious technological expertise that allows our colleagues using the platform to solve complex issues arising from the implementation of projects based on data management.

Emphasis was placed on practical exercises where students were able to independently configure the data model, as well as to differentiate the access rights for the created objects. Communication took place in an interactive manner when the training specialists of Unidata answered the questions of the audience in real time and entered into a fruitful discussion with them.