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Unidata has developed a revolutionary user interface
5 March 2020

Unidata has developed a revolutionary user interface

Unidata has developed a truly unique user interface. The simplicity of the interface, the flexibility of its customization, a fundamentally new approach to development - all this creates a truly unique situation in the market of software products in the field of data management. Work on the new interface began a year and a half ago with the involvement of the best world experts in the field of interfaces.

We focused on the latest global trends during the development. - explains Unidata technical director Ruslan Trachuk. - According to a Gartner report “Information as a Second Language - Enabling Data Literacy for Digital Society” in 2019 over the coming years, the vast majority of company employees will have to meet the criteria of “digital literacy” and will deal with data in one form or another. According to another Gartner study, “The Future of Data and Analytics: How Augmented Analytics Will Transform Your Organization,” modern digital business means a more complex, ever-changing business environment in which data and data analytics are critical to success. It is this approach that we have put at the forefront. We wanted to debunk an entrenched myth that “working with data is hard.” Now, with the introduction of new interfaces, data management platforms become more like office programs, a truly basic tool for any employee.

The point is that now the platform can be effectively used by any company specialists who have not even undergone serious and in-depth training. Accountants, technical support employees, managers, marketing specialists - all employees who are somehow connected with the data get the opportunity to work with one of the best tools in the world for productivity and functionality. Unidata makes data processing technologies available for all categories of specialists. This process significantly increases the efficiency of both individual employees and companies as a whole.

Color selection, forms of interface elements, animation level - all this we have worked in detail. - says Ruslan Trachuk. - Having created several focus groups from existing and potential customers, company employees and industry experts, and putting user comfort at the forefront over the past year we have carried out full-scale changes to the platform interface. We wanted to achieve a quite tangible and understandable result - to present to the market the best solution in the field of data management: intuitive, comfortable for the eyes, as user-friendly as possible, at the peak of world trends in the field of interfaces.

The basic behavioral characteristics of users, their habits and preferences were carefully studied and worked out in detail. The experience and behavior of thousands of consumers were taken into account when developers fine-tuned the platform interface. The result of the work was a new generation of Unidata interfaces, surpassing competing solutions in the field of data management in terms of comfort. It is worth noting that such a flexible approach was made possible thanks to the architecture originally built into the platform for constructing unique modular solutions that allow you to tailor a powerful and efficient tool for working with data both for the simplest queries and requirements, and for working with huge data arrays, measured in billions. This is what allows us to say that we have one of the most effective data management platforms in the world - both in terms of functionality and volume of tasks.