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Unidata has granted certificates to the participants of the international educational project
6 May 2020

Unidata has granted certificates to the participants of the international educational project

In April 2020, Unidata launched an international educational project based on a series of webinars on data management during which the company's specialists told in detail to a wide audience about working with data in general and about working with our platform in particular. For our company this project was an initiative aimed at gaining knowledge by people in self-isolation conditions to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Over 300 specialists and managers of various levels took part in the project. At the beginning of May a series of webinars ended and our company sent Official Certificates “Unidata: Basic level. Data Management" for students. We also inform interested persons who were not able to attend all classes that in the near future we will be happy to repeat webinars to provide everyone with the opportunity to listen to the entire course and get our Official Certificates.

- Starting our educational activity, we could not imagine that we would get such a number of participants. - says Unidata CEO Sergey Kuznetsov. - We are very pleased that our endeavor aimed at sharing our vast accumulated experience with all comers has brought such fruits. Congratulations to our participants on receiving Official Certificates. I would like to thank the audience for their time, interesting questions and the possibility of fruitful communication in the face of restrictions!

Unidata is not going to stop on what has been achieved: in the near future we plan to expand our activity in terms of educational initiatives together with universities and companies interested in promoting and developing competencies in the field of working with data. We will be glad to cooperate in this direction!