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Unidata has presented High Performance Edition
26 December 2017

Unidata has presented High Performance Edition

Unidata announced Unidata HPE (High Performance Edition) release. This edition is designed to build data management system for large corporations and enterprises with high demands both on the data volume (from 100 million records and above) and on the operation speed. New edition includes additional modules for monitoring, performance of individual components and the solution itself, processing speed in batch and online modes. Modules to inform the administrator about the deviations of current metrics from the target ones, specialized batch-processing modules designed for large amounts of data as well as detailed instructions for building and maintaining high-load master data management systems were also added.

“During the development of the Unidata platform we conducted a large amount of research on the up-to-date at that time landscape of MDM solutions and, most significantly, the expected business requirements over the next 2, 5 and 10 years”. – “Unidata” Chief architect Alexey Tsyryulnikov explains, “It became clear that the existing approaches run their course and the future is in hybrid technologies – the combination of proven modern technologies such as NoSQL, search indexes, horizontal scaling of stateless architecture, document-oriented and graph databases, in-memory computing and traditional relational DBMS. Thus, we needed to neutralize the drawbacks of each technology by the merits of other approaches and technologies. This approach was widely used in the development of the platform and fully justified itself that was visually demonstrated on release 4.5 this summer when the platform successfully passed the tests on 1 billion records”.

“With the release of 4.5 the right approach to supporting high-load systems was clearly demonstrated”, Unidata CEO Sergey Kuznetsov considers. “But, as known, achievement of record indicators is not a sufficient condition and proof of applicability for industrial use. So we set the task in the release 4.7 to provide our customers with a simple and understandable tool for building high-load platform-based systems”.

To do this the company’s specialists analyzed and divided the typical tasks that arise when servicing the platform up to 100 million records and more than 100 million. Typical scenarios that occur when a large amount of master data were also identified. The result was this special edition as well as methodology for implementing and operating the platform for large amounts of data. In parallel with the release of the new edition the Training Center of the company launched a new training course – High Performance Edition of “Unidata Platform”.