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Unidata contribution to the fight against coronavirus
24 March 2020

Unidata contribution to the fight against coronavirus

Unidata has offered its users a new product called Unidata Data Governance (DG), which is designed to solve fundamentally new challenges in managing data as an asset. In the latest version of the product, the functionality was significantly expanded - Collab 2.0 became one of the significant UDG tools.

- Collab 2.0 allows you to combine the classic tools of business processes (approvals / emails/tasks in Inbox) and the most modern (instant messengers/chat bots/chat rooms) in one common process of working on a task. - explains Unidata technical director Ruslan Trachuk. - Collab 2.0 is not another way of communication but the very possibility of communication through any existing electronic method within a single space. Collab 2.0 supports "classic" workflow and new tools such as Skype, Slack, fully supports online communication, dialogs, file transfer, storage of discussion histories and much more.

Thus, the introduction of this new product will help new and existing customers adapt to the difficult situation of the coronavirus and continue to use the Unidata platform in the daily operational mode albeit remotely. The point is that, in fact, specialists working with the Unidata platform can use the full tools anywhere which plays a huge role in the current very difficult situation. In addition, we support our customers 24/7 wherever they are, including remote work.

Unidata’s actions aimed at helping its customers in a difficult situation do not end there. In the very near future, a number of initiatives aimed at further assistance to our partners and clients in the face of a difficult epidemiological situation will be adopted as well.