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Unidata Platform Extends ETL Functionality
15 May 2020

Unidata Platform Extends ETL Functionality

We announce that the Unidata platform has received a significant expansion of ETL functionality that allows us to effectively solve the tasks associated with obtaining data from various sources. This is a classic chain: data extracting, mapping, data aggregation and uploading to the target system.

A fundamentally new ETL functionality was added to the platform: impact analysis of changes (analysis of the consequences of data changes), version control of models and the maintenance of an extensive library of data verification. All this brings the ETL component of the platform to a number of the most modern and efficient systems of its class.

- This approach allows us to create a unified ecosystem for working with our customers’ data. - explains the Unidata CEO Sergey Kuznetsov. - We designed our developments in this area as a separate module. The functionality itself was introduced a long time ago and now we have not only added it to the platform but also enriched it with analysis and many other features. As a result, we designed a seamless system for working with data both at the stage of its extraction and at the stage of its management. All this allows our customers to work in the platform as in the Unified data management system and use the same tools for working at all stages. At the same time, the greatest effect is achieved by synergy when ETL is combined with DG and MDM.

It should be noted that Unidata became the first Russian company to offer ETL, MDM, and DG together that makes the platform one of the world leaders in both functionality and efficiency. The developers are not going to rest on their laurels: work has already begun on creating a streaming ETL with Data Quality mode.