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Unidata platform has been updated to version 4.8
23 May 2018

Unidata platform has been updated to version 4.8

The new version contains important changes in the licensing policy and in data quality management. Starting with version 4.8 the licenses will only work on the server that is included in the delivery package. A license type “Development”, which is intended for temporary needs, for example, for testing and debugging the platform, has been created. The licenses received before the release of version 4.8 are fully compatible and remain relevant until the end of the validity period.

For data quality rules, check mode on test records has been added. A flexible mechanism to select the attributes, which the rules will be applied to, has been created. For example, it is possible to process only those records for which a particular attribute takes a given value. In connection with the expansion of functionality the section of the quality rules has been completely redesigned from the point of view of ease of use. Conditional operators and constants have been added to the composite functions editor. With the help of these blocks, the capabilities of the data cleansing functions used in the quality rules are expanded.

Major changes have touched many other parts of the platform. Localization support has been added, you can choose Russian or English for the user interface of the platform. Platform configuration management is also enhanced: uploading and downloading of accounts, user roles, security labels and operations are available. These and many other innovations are described in the list of changes of the new version.

The next major update of our platform is not far off!