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Unidata platform version 4.7
13 February 2018

Unidata platform version 4.7

The new version includes a number of major and extensive changes. The functionality of data import has been expanded. Now data loading can be performed not only by a full archive but also partially. For example, only connections can be downloaded. The import task supports two modes of operation, one of which is optimal for large data volumes (3-5 million records), and the second one for medium volumes.

The algorithms of working with data have also changed. The main entity of the platform – the data model – is now being edited in the draft mode that enables making a lot of preliminary changes in the safe mode, and then publish them. Comparing records, information about the previous value of the attribute is available that simplifies the resolution of record conflicts. Now you can automatically detect and merge duplicate records. The combined records can be divided if necessary. New integration options allow you to customize the user interface for the needs of the client and apply the extension points to search operations and connections. Integration with external access control systems has been expanded as well that enables using non-standard authorization methods, for example, using single sign-on.

For ease of administration, the platform configuration options are available in the application. Among other issues, many fixes were aimed at simplifying and optimizing user interaction with the interface.