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Unidata strengthens the fight against coronavirus
27 March 2020

Unidata strengthens the fight against coronavirus

Given the difficult epidemiological situation, Unidata launches a new international educational project: we will conduct a series of free webinars during which the company's specialists will talk in detail about working with data in general and about working with our platform in particular. We invite everyone who is interested or already actively working with data management solutions to participate! Based on the results the participants will be granted Unidata certificates. Pre-registration of participants has already started. In order to take part in the Unidata webinar, send your data (name, surname, company, position, contact phone, email address) to

We perfectly understand the complexity of the epidemiological situation throughout the world. - explains Unidata CEO Sergey Kuznetsov. - We are ready not only to support our customers but also to share our knowledge with people who due to the current situation are at home and who have a desire to learn the competencies of the future!

A detailed webinar program can be downloaded here.