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Unidata. Version 4.5
3 August 2017

Unidata. Version 4.5

In early August 2017 Unidata platform has been updated to version 4.5. Innovations have touched almost all sections of the system.

The main innovation of the release is a significantly revised data operator interface from the viewpoint of improving the efficiency: the color scheme and interface elements are modified to reduce operators’ fatigue; the new navigation panel provides the options for setting up a compact presentation mode. The search and record screens are simplified; the auxiliary functions and operations are moved to the context menus. Saving of contexts and condition of sections are added. This allows the operator to navigate between the main tools without losing entered data. New features for viewing source records, system information about a record are added as well.

In addition, the search capabilities of the data operator for fuzzy search of records, search for system attributes and quality rule errors are expanded and the tool “Start Screen” is expanded as well with data quality statistics in criticality reserves and error categories. The ability to view historical data in past periods is also added.

New tools for using quality assurance tools for records are implemented. This is a mode of external quality assurance service. In this mode, the platform allows you to apply quality rules to records without saving them. For this new APIs are presented: – online control: implementation of a synchronous response to a request to verify one record; – stream control: implementation of a one-time processing of a large number of records to a request to verify the data. In this mode, the platform saves the test results and allows getting them later for each record individually.

The platform’s capabilities to import data from databases are expanded. The next major update of our platform is not far off!