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Unidata has held the data matching conference
17 April 2018

Unidata has held the data matching conference

Unidata traditionally pays great attention to the education of its employees and IT professionals. Taking a course on education Unidata has held on Tuesday, April 17, 2018, All-Russian data matching conference.

Data matching is a method of analyzing and processing data structures based on the execution of the certain instructions depending on the coincidence of the investigated value with a particular sample, for which the data type can be used. More than 140 people took part in the event. Unidata Chief architect Alexey Tsyryulnikov delivered an open lecture on the topic “Review of the world trends in the area of data matching”. In the course of his speech, he dwelled in detail on the most pressing matters related to common tasks, established and modern algorithms, comparison of open and proprietary engines, overall directions for development. The speaker’s special attention was paid to practical steps to adapt the world experience of data matching to Russian specifics, including regional and linguistic features.

After that, a detailed discussion began on machine learning algorithms for deduplicating transactional data in modern cloud platforms. The participants also discussed the applicability of neural networks for master data classification. The event was closed by a question-and-answer session during which all interested persons could receive comments on the most relevant data matching problems..

Unidata team is not going to stop there. We have already begun preparations for the next conference. Thank you all for participating!