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Unidata has taken part in Gartner Data & Analytics Summit 2018
8 November 2018

Unidata has taken part in Gartner Data & Analytics Summit 2018

From 23 to 24 October 2018 a large conference Gartner Data & Analytics Summit 2018 was held in Frankfurt (Germany). Unidata became the official sponsor of the event. During two days, leading analysts and experts in the field of data management shared current market trends, talked about the latest innovations in the area of data and made predictions in this field. It is worth noting the reports on Data Governance, Data Quality as well as the trends of “digitalization of modern society”.

One of the main topics discussed by analysts was the role and place of artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms in data management systems. The general expert conclusion is that artificial intelligence will be one of the key directions in the landscape of data management systems in the 2019-2020s.

Another increasing trend is the allocation of separate data management offices in large enterprises and companies. And the leading role here will be taken by Chief Data Officers, CDO. The responsibilities of the CDO include building the infrastructure for working with data, managing data quality and architecture, managing master data and reference data, metadata and business glossaries. Modern data management platforms such as Unidata are needed exactly for these tasks. Another of the most important tasks of CDO will be management of business users’ behavior. Based on the analysis of their behavioral stereotypes in the near future, a strategy for the development of data management platforms will be built, including the subsequent robotization of these processes.

Accordingly, a clear trend is to close the gap between operators and data analysts and end-users of information as well as accelerate the process of transferring and using information within companies. Thus, the leading data management solutions should focus primarily on business consumers involving them in the data management cycle.

For us this is an obvious step forward in the platform development. - explains Unidata Chief architect Alexey Tsyryulnikov. - As a modern platform Unidata consistently implements new ways of interaction that are an integral part of the roadmap for the platform development. In the next major release the company intends to expand the functionality by transferring decision making and fixing points from the classic Enterprise environment (E-mail, Web applications) directly to mobile devices of business users (corporate messengers). We are among the first in the market to implement a closed cycle of interaction between technical data operators and business users to increase the speed and accuracy of business decision making.

At the Unidata booth the company's specialists presented an English version of the platform, telling visitors of the event in detail about the company's latest achievements. The decoration of the first day of the event was an evening reception organized on the booth. Unidata presented cryo-cocktails that everyone could try. The muffled light, steam flowing from test tubes with a drink, a container with nitrogen cooled to minus 196 degrees Celsius - all this created its own special atmosphere that the public liked.

Participation in such an event is an important international experience for us. – believes Unidata CEO Sergey Kuznetsov. - Firstly, we were glad to present our latest achievements to the international market in order to show our foreign colleagues what we have been working hard over the past few years. Secondly, we have seen clearly that the technologies we laid in the platform are the most advanced and relevant in the field of data management. Once again we confirmed the fact that Unidata is one of the most efficient and modern data management platforms in the world right now..