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Unidata Data Governance

The Unidata Data Governance (DG) data management product allows you to bring all data management processes to a new technological level thanks to common business terminology, the ability to create and manage data models of any scale (RSUD, NSUD), visualization of data origin flows.
The Unidata Data Governance product is designed to solve fundamentally new problems of managing data as an asset. The product is at the peak of global trends in this area in terms of both a set of tools and methodological practice for their implementation and application. Integration into a single ecosystem with other Unidata products allows you to cover almost all the needs in the field of data management and governance, described in publications such as DAMA DMBOK.
Product features
Unidata Crawler (Capture and transfer of metadata)

  • Automatic capture and updating metamodels
  • Library of connectors for different types of data sources
  • Seamless integration with other Unidata products
  • Data profiling

Business Metadata Glossary

  • Introduction of a glossary of terms
  • Introduction of Classification and Taxonomy
  • Associating a glossary of terms with metamodels

Dictionary of Technical Metadata

  • Metamodel repository
  • Automatic detection and tracing of changes
  • Linking metamodels according to dataflow


  • Integration with modern means of communication
  • Support for escalations and discussions

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