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Unidata smartETL

The Unidata Data Transformation product (SmartETL – Smart Extract Transform Load) allows you to configure data flows centrally, with the ability to transform data models between different information systems.
The product allows you to centralize the flow of information transformations when it comes to complex and non-transparent integration of various information systems. At the same time, it is possible to add links between different information systems without their refinement, and, accordingly, without additional financial costs and with full support for backward compatibility. Main advantages: management of entire business entities, rather than scattered tables and files, as well as the ability to implement processing scenarios with complex business logic.
Product features

ETL is one of the main processes in data store management, which includes:

  • extracting data from external sources;
  • their transformation and cleaning, so that they meet the needs of the business model;
  • uploading them to the data store.


Centralized management of all integrations makes it possible to control the flow of information transformation. The ability to inventory data stored in various systems in the IT landscape simplifies the development of information systems.


Reduction of costs for the development, implementation and support of IS due to the removal of the general logic of interaction into a separate solution. The ability to control the transfer of data from one system to another centrally, taking into account aspects of information security.


Users will get not only access to information, but also to its qualitative characteristics – the presence of basic errors with traceability to data source systems, the presence of duplicates and much more.

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