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Unidata Unimart
Unidata Data Mart (Unimart – Unidata Datamart) product allows you to link data from different sources, combining them into a convenient, understandable data mart that allows you to give access to data to a wide range of users.
The product is a part of the overall system of Unidata products and provides seamless integration between other products of the company. It has all the possibilities for data modeling and integration with various information systems. It allows you to control the load, create different samples for reports on different user groups.

The Unimart product is designed to solve one of the most urgent problems of modern information systems. Namely, to provide access to the most recent and high-quality data with a predetermined level of service availability.

It doesn't matter how many users you plan to give access to your information – the Unidata Data Mart product will allow you to do this without compromises inherent in legacy systems.


Unimart provides access control based on the platform's security subsystem, which has already proven itself on an industrial scale.

Service level

New features allow you to control the load based on predetermined access scenarios for each user group.


Users will get not only access to information, but also to its qualitative characteristics – the presence of basic errors with traceability to data source systems, the presence of duplicates and much more.